There’s a by-election underway for the Hastings constituency seat on the Regional Council. The constituency generally includes the urban portions of Havelock North and Hastings, plus Flaxmere.

Two candidates are actually contesting, but a third (now withdrawn from the race) remains on the ballot as well.

Here are some links you can use to learn more about and compare the two ‘real’ candidates.

Tom Belford

Campaign brochure here.

Interviewed by Andrew Austin on Radio Kidnappers here.

Jacqueline Taylor

Campaign brochure here.

Interviewed by Andrew Austin on Radio Kidnappers here.

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  1. Tom Belford is most definitely our choice. He has proven his ability to make the logical decision when the debate gets emotional, as it will with the “Three Water’s” campaign. He has our votes.

  2. One’s gender should not be a consideration when deciding upon the best candidate for this or any other elected office.

  3. I’m sorry I can’t vote in this election, even though I’m a Regional Council ratepayer. I thought that an election necessary because the Chairman had to step down, would result in all Reginal Council ratepayers having a vote. However, that is not the case. All the best Tom.

  4. Jacqueline, you state that “For Hawke’s Bay to thrive we need to balance sustainability, water quality & economic growth” – I have a problem with that in that the balance between those three is already way out in favour of economic growth – i.e. the environment now needs to come first, especially in view of climate change. We need (and desperately so) environmental security first.

  5. This comment by Allus does not reflect on all of us.
    There happens to be only one women on the HBRC currently and hardly a reasonable representation of our community.
    It must be quite intimidating for her at times.

  6. Hi Tom,
    I have just listened to the interviews with you and Jacqueline Taylor on Radio Kidnappers. I didn’t really have any doubt but the interviews immediately cemented my vote for you. I am sure that Jacqueline Taylor is perfectly nice but all her printed collateral and online material smacks of sitting on the fence. While she purports to care deeply about climate change and water security, her answers to Andrew’s questions were woolly. She is trying to be an adjudicator of opinions rather than a campaigner for the region’s needs. I could hear her placating the ‘blue’ voters with her views on rates. You immediately tried to swat away the meaningless question around Joe Walding-Karaitiana in order to get to the big stuff. You stated your views, were unafraid to do so on Ruataniwha, the performance of local and regional councils vis-a-vis water management and Māori wards and you backed up your views with evidence. I genuinely hope you are elected.
    Regards, Georgia Saxon

  7. It is my bet that Allus intentionally made his/her stupid sexist comment, with the underhanded intention of it obtaining the very opposite effect!

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