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A ‘must  read’ document prepared for each meeting of the Regional Council is the pedestrian-sounding ‘Significant Organisational Activities through (Month) (Year)’.

It gets published online as part of the monthly Council Meeting Agenda papers, normally on the Friday preceding the last Wednesday of each month (that last Wednesday is when the HBRC meets).

One can always count on a few tantalising tidbits as to what the Council is up to, much of which never hits the headlines … or hits them when it’s too late to do anything but complain! Seriously, you’re sure to find something in this list that affects your well-being and peace of mind!

I last reported on September’s ‘Significant Activities’ (here).

Here are some teasers in the report for the 28 October HBRC meeting, culled from 113 items. My editorial comments are in italics.

2021 Long Term Plan

1. Detailed budgeting completed by staff by 30 October followed by Exec review.

2. Council workshops scheduled for 11 November, 1, 2 16 December with aim to confirm funding and infrastructure strategies, policies, budgets and consultation topics by Christmas or end Jan at latest.

3. One month community consultation scheduled for April 2021

If you’re serious about getting your project on the next LTP, get your oar in the water now!

Climate Change

31. Climate Action campaign: update will be provided to the 4 November 2020 Environment and Integrated Catchments Committee.

32. Community perceptions survey completed and results will be presented to 4 November Environment and Integrated Catchments Committee meeting.

HBRC is presenting a rosy picture of public interest/commitment. I’ve studied the survey results and disagree with that assessment. More to come on this in Nov/Dec Baybuzz mag.

Marine Biosecurity

39. Hull inspections were undertaken on commercial fishing vessels within the Ahuriri inner harbour. 8 out of the 13 vessels failed to meet the RPMP clean hull rule. Biosecurity staff are working with the companies to haul these vessels out and clean their hulls.

Any fines called for here, or is this business-as-usual?!

Heretaunga Plains Water Takes

78.  Takes from the Heretaunga Plains unconfined aquifer (approx. 200 lodged) expired 31 May 2018 and are being exercised under s124. These are being processed as a group, as requested by applicants. Report on the individual and combined stream depletion effects now received, and the draft report being prepared for discussion with parties. These are being kept on hold while the TANK Plan Change advances.

Would be nice to have a specific date for this depletion effects report … it has been ‘being prepared’ for quite a while. But kiss 2020 good-bye for any action!

Waimarama Rd Safe Cycle Path

81.  Working with HDC to complete safer off-road section parallel to Waimarama Road, for all trail users.  Expected start next month.

Still promised by Christmas. Tick…tick…tick

NCC Municipal Wastewater

83.  NCC have begun repairs on both the 630m and 700m leaks. The repairs require several consecutive days of fine weather to undertake and NCC are confident that the leaks can be repaired within the abatement notice period.

Have had plenty of ‘fine weather’ lately, haven’t we?

Incidents and Enforcement

88.  Total infringements for year to date 1/7/20 – 14/10/20 = 22

89.  Hastings Demolition was convicted and fined the amount of $11,900 with ninety percent of the fine to be paid to HBRC.

90.  We still await the sentencing decisions on the following Maxwell Farms (Effluent discharge), Farmers Transport and Dynes Tapanui (Stormwater discharge) and a sentencing indication on Johnny Appleseed (Spray drift).

91.   Additionally HBRC currently have 5 active prosecutions initiated year to date (14/10/20) various stages, which we are unable to comment on.

Occasionally the stick is needed.

CHBDC Wastewater

101. CHBDC have begun removing ineffective wetland treatment systems at Waipawa/Waipukarau WWTP as part of required upgrades under the enforcement order.

102. Meeting was held between HBRC and CHBDC to discuss the proposed wastewater upgrades for most systems run by CHBDC. Community engagement on proposed options occurred during August and Council endorsed the strategy in October. Resource consents applications are required and lodgement is pending for some of these activities.

Much too expensive for CHB ratepayers. Another $$ solution needed. Watch this space!

Tukituki Ecosystem Health

104. Guidance being finalised for farm plan providers to work through potential ecosystem health mitigations to include in farm plan consents, in situations when nitrogen limits cannot be met immediately.

107. 25 complete production land use activity consents have been lodged and approximately 150 pre-applications received to date. Letters have been sent to applicants informing them of the new deadline of 26 February 2021 for lodgement of Tukituki land use resource consent applications.

113. Updates of FEMP’s in the Tukituki catchment will be due by 26 February for those requiring consents. Others are due to be updated by the end of May.

Here’s where the rubber will meet the road re surface water quality in the Tukituki catchment. I know Forest & Bird is monitoring closely.

Which of these would you like to know more about? Comment below.

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