BayBuzz has accumulated links to heaps of local body candidate information, plus we’ve prepared plenty of original material, focusing on the Hastings, Napier and Regional Council races, as well as Hawke’s Bay DHB.

Here is the “mother page” with links listed by candidate — their websites, Facebook pages, podcasts, whatever. Many candidates have filed information on the Local Government NZ website, and those links are included in our candidate listings.

Most candidates also responded to the BayBuzz challenge to publish their official “Magic 150 Words” — the profiles that will be published in the official Candidate Directory. You can find their profiles collected as Comments to two BayBuzz blog posts here and here.

BayBuzz has also written 600-word profiles on 17 challenger candidates (i.e., non-incumbents) based upon our interviews with them. You can find those profiles here, listed by candidate.

Finally, both the August and September issues of BayBuzz Digest include extensive articles on the issues at the heart of this year’s local body elections — environment, water, council debt, economic development, sport, arts & culture, health, community development, council accountability, amalgamation, and more.

You can read or download PDFs of those complete editions here.

This year, candidates can run, but BayBuzz won’t let them hide!

Tom Belford

P.S. We wish we could cover CHB and Wairoa candidates, but hey, we’re just a shoestring operation. Maybe next time.

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