As the Magpies steady themselves for their Air New Zealand Cup rugby opener against Wellington tonight, BayBuzz are launching ‘Fame at McLean’ – a search for McLean Park’s best streaker in 2008.

To encourage participation we’ve penned a few ground rules for beginners, including ideas on how to impress our judges:

* Never streak while the ball’s in play. Your brief is to complement the game, (halftime is ideal, as are injury breaks). Generally speaking, the ref’s whistle is your cue to thrill.

* Security personnel numbers are limited – so form a team and stagger your starts. Guards will move quickly to the first offender, while your teammate steps into the fray from the McKenzie stand, another from the Harris, the embankment and so forth.

* Get creative. Run on and join the Electrotech Dancers’ routine (be respectful), attempt a few star-jumps under the sticks, a naked haka (“naka”) or nonchalantly walk round the dead-ball area with a half-time hotdog.

* An unfortunate element crept into the pastime last year, in the guise of fully clothed “streakers.” These people were charlatans. Either perform without a stitch – or don’t bother.

* Never interact with players – or any other persons not involved in your act (remember Andrew Symonds…).

* Evasion is paramount. Just like a rodeo, the longer you ride the better you score. Anyone lasting more than 60 seconds in the ring gets a bonus point.

* Despite the above rule, if caught or surrounded, surrender. In this scenario create instant pathos by curling up in the foetal position, you’ll look as cute as a giant hairy newborn.

Should the Magpies make this year’s finals, extra points will be awarded during these games. At season’s end, Fame at Mclean champion will receive a BayBuzz t-shirt and a full interview on the website (with guaranteed anonymity should they still be evading authorities).

BayBuzz will be at all home games this year with our camera. So c’mon the Bay – do your part in establishing McLean Park as the pitch invasion capital of New Zealand.

NB – All Hawke’s Bay Rugby Union employees and their families are ineligible to enter.



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  1. While I would really love to have a baybuzz T shirt and I love a challenge [apart from getting the NCC to change their minds on anything] there are 2 problems for me.

    1/. Blond females participating in such events have caused negative reactions for male streakers in the past.

    2/. One has to have certain'atributes' to stand out for the crowd ! The thought of being the cause of amusement for 1000's of spectators is not pleasant. I can imagine the unwholesome type of comment that would be thrown out from the crowd,

    .Perhaps we could encourage a Mayoral streak – whichever Mayor wins gets shares in the Port of Napier from The Regional Council.

    Can you imagine what our councils could do with this windfall? Like fixing basic infrastruction; -roads- replacing old sewer pipes, footpaths, green spaces for the kids, reserves, clean water, public transport etc etc..



  2. I am writing in response to an article in the August – September issue of the Bay Buzz Digest “Here’s to a winning streak”. I am shocked and angered that the writer of this article would be so disrespectful.

    My name is Kerry Tough and I am the Assistant Manager of Electrotech Dancers.

    The particular statement that has angered me is “Get Creative. Run on and join the Electrotech Dancers’ routine (be respectful)”. Please inform me how a streaker or a fully clothed “charlatan” can be respectful to the girls when they are taking all the attention and focus away from what the girls have worked extremely hard to achieve.

    By the time the NPC season starts the girls have trained for at least 3.5 months – 2 x 2 hour sessions. I realize that if you have not been involved with dance then you are unable to comprehend, nor appreciate the level of work that goes into performing a 2.5 minute dance. The choreographer would have spent at least 10 hours creating the dance before being able to teach girls.

    You may or may not be aware that there actually was a “Charlatan” at the Northland game on the 9th August, he managed to elude the security and intrude on the girls whilst they were performing their pre-game dance. In the space of 30 seconds he managed to belittle at least 56 hours of training by making a mockery of them and attracting the crowd’s attention. How can that be respectful?

    You have included rattling cages in your mission statement, and I can tell you that you have indeed rattled mine. I truly hope that no person is senseless enough to do this to the girls again and that they and the audience are able to enjoy what has been worked extremely hard for.

    I trust that you will refrain from this sort of encouragement again.

    Kind Regards,


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