Dartmoor Bridge Wed 28 Feb 2024

Could be logging trucks. But possibly not. Presumably the Hastings and/or Regional Council will investigate.

The temporary Dartmoor bridge was closed last Thursday when damage was discovered.

BayBuzz received this video from a source at the bridge on Wednesday afternoon.

Several logging trucks crossed the bridge in the not quite one-hour window our source was there. We also received a claim that a transporter carrying a digger across could be the cause.

The bridge has been re-opened to ‘light traffic’, up to 3.5 tonnes. But while repairs are made (expected to be completed “early next week” per HDC), residents will face these closures:

Saturday and Sunday 8am—6pm

Weekdays 8:30am – 3:30pm

Hmmm! Who pays the bill?


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  1. Selfish people. This area has had enough trauma and now you’re wrecking their bridge.

  2. Is this article based on facts or simply irresponsible reporting intended to stir up drama? Looks to me this truck is following the speed and weight limits set by the relevant authorities so maybe this authority is responsible for setting unsuitable limits or the contractor that built the bridge not meeting standards. Who are we to speculate without knowing the facts?

  3. I am told that the bridge limit was 44 tons until Thursday when the damage was found and the limit was then reduced to 3.5 tons.

  4. While repairs are being made, the weight limit is 3.5 tonnes. Then, from HDC: The weight restrictions for bridges are detailed here https://www.hastingsdc.govt.nz/services/roads-and-streets/road-works/ – see Dartmoor after repair will return to 40MAX

    Matt, not irresponsible to provide some evidence of what might have happened … surely it wasn’t a bicycle that caused the damage. That said, yes, in addition to the log load possibly being over limits, the bridge could be improperly designed or constructed. We didn’t say otherwise.

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