Hill Country Corporation today declared ‘Crocs’ the official shoe of the proposed 1000-house village (provisionally titled “Obeacia”) at Ocean Beach.

Company spokesperson Phil Hocquard said the casual croc mirrored the Kiwi bach ethos, and likened the promotion to the successful 1995 America’s Cup ‘Red Socks’ campaign. “We think people that wear the shoes are Obeacian at heart”, he said. “Anyone in the Bay that dons a croc is actually saying ‘I give full support to building 1000 homes at Ocean Beach.’ ”

Although it has cemented its place as a “pro-development” accessory in fashion circles, Hocquard claimed the shoe was also an eco-option. “It’s impossible to leave a carbon footprint when you’re wearing non-marking soles.”

Once the village is complete, wardens will enforce a fining system for any village Obeacian not wearing the plastic clogs. “It’s a way of engendering brotherhood and a sense of coastal ownership.” Yet when pressed, further details of the Obeacian dress code weren’t disclosed, “the finer points are still on the table.”

BayBuzz understand the group opposing the coastal development, Future Ocean Beach, will launch their “No Crocs on Ocean Beach” campaign (see picture) early next week.


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