Liz Krawczyk, who grew up in the tiny rural settlement of Mohaka, near Wairoa, decided at an early age that she wanted to work on farms. And true to her vision, she’s done just that. 

She describes herself as being “very pro-agriculture, especially agriculture in Hawke’s Bay. I love Hawke’s Bay, and I just want to see it thrive.”

Along with being the chair (and only female trustee) of the Hawke’s Bay Future Farming Trust, with its aspiration for regional sustainability and focus on soil health, Liz is the territory manager for Hatuma Ltd, a role that sees her travel to farms between Havelock North and Woodville, looking at soils, undertaking herbage tests, seeing what’s needed for the land, and making fertiliser recommendations. 

From dairy to beef + sheep, from small farms to large, from corporate-run to family-owned – in her every day job, she gets a feel for the diversity of agriculture here, “I get to meet so many different farmers and learn what makes them tick.”

She sees “a real synergy” between her two roles, and says her kids (aged 11 and 8) and their future are a driving motivation in what she does. 

Liz is a big believer in growing her knowledge, “you don’t want to stay stagnant”, and in the adage: “teamwork makes the dream work”. Fifteen months ago, she and her husband fulfilled “a long pipedream” … buying a hundred-acre sheep and beef farm in Argyll.

Liz finds her mum’s dedication and compassion inspiring, “She’s always the first one to put her hand up to ask if I need a hand. She would do anything for anyone.” And says her good friends, “hardworking people, strong women that get on with it”, inspire her every day. As do aunties, cousins in her whānau – the way they’ve approached the curveballs in their respective lives; their resilience, and ability to learn from life experiences. 

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