Jessica Maxwell, publisher of Wings and Wildlife (which we are pleased to promote, here’s latest edition), is a formidable, relentless and outspoken protector of animal welfare and our urban streams, parks and reserves.

So, she’s not everybody’s ‘cup of tea’ and winning kudos from her is no easy feat.

Here’s an opportunity to note where council response (in this case, HB Regional Council) has been both swift and acknowledged …

Good Morning James and Councillors

I’d like you to pass on my thanks to Russell Engelke and the Works Group for removing quite a bit of rubbish from the Herehere Stream.

I went back for a look above the Middle Road bridge on Tuesday and ‘someone’ had thrown the large piece of folded tin which I had pulled out a few weeks ago back into the stream.

I let Russell know about this and some other rubbish I’d noticed and, as the team was working on the lower reach beside the James Wattie retirement village, they did a detour and picked up the junk I had reported.

It is great to see action as opposed to inaction, so thanks to the HBRC for getting in behind the Havelock North Streams Restoration project.



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  1. Wonderful and great success Jessica. Good to have you to keep an eye on the situation. Thank you.

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