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Our main theme in this edition is WATER! Here are the articles …

Water. What’s All The Fuss About?
An overview of why we took this focus, by Tom Belford

Can Farmers And Fishers Co-Exist On The Tukituki?
Maybe, says Jessica Soutar Barron

Dam(n)! A Half-Billion Dollar Water Storage Scheme
Tom Belford asks: Who pays, who owns, and is it worth it?

Farmers Mull Over Water Storage
What do farmers think of the plan? Mark Sweet asked them.

The Tukituki: Always A Taonga
A Maori perspective on caring for the Tuki catchment, by Morry Black

Growth And Prosperity
The Regional Council’s presentation on water storage.

Harvesting The Peaks To Fill The Troughs
Sam Robinson sees huge opportunities and a win/win potential for water harvesting.

Who Owns The Soil?
The public — and the future — have a stake in how well farmers handle their temporary stewardship of the land, says David Trubridge.

50 Water Storage Questions
For $500 million, you better get the right answers!

Anti-Frackers: Alarmist Or Alarmed?
Pauline Elliott says, Wait a minute!

But May/June BayBuzz wasn’t all wet! Articles on other topics to come next post.


Tom Belford

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  1. Another outstanding read, Tom…actually, I saw ex-All Black captain, Taine Randall, scoop one up out of the rack at Hastings New World this afternoon and wander off perusing the contents…must be good !

  2. Tom. Congratulations on another fine issue. Hit all the right notes– even though a minor blogger says otherwise. Regards from NYC.

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