God help us if land use intensification brings more cows to Hawke’s Bay.

The Regional Council can’t keep track of the ones we have already.

The cows pictured below celebrated Waitangi Day with a wade in the Tukituki, just downstream of the Red Bridge. Not the first time … indeed this seems to be a favourite watering hole of the bovine bathers.

Three weeks ago we featured cows in the Tutaekuri. Maybe they’re all part of the same scofflaw herd!

Roy Boonen, who spotted the Tutaekuri cows in Clive (neither of these locations is exactly at a remote fringe of the region), raised the obvious question: “…if the HBRC cannot even manage to keep it’s own cows out of the rivers within it’s own ‘backyard’, then what confidence can we have in their ability to manage the safety of HB rivers when they are planning to dramatically increase the number of cows in the Hawke’s Bay?”

Tom Belford

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  1. If that disaster of a Dam arrives, this nice looking “Tutai” Sandy beach will more than likely revert to being Mud Flats over time.

  2. They may not be cows. They could be something completely unrelated to cows. Why not wait until the work being done by experts on this issue for the HBRC is complete. Instead of jumping to conclusions lets give the experts some time to present their report on this so we can make informed decisions.

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