Michal McKay

With great sadness we must announce that Michal McKay, a long time editor and contributor in many ways to BayBuzz, passed away on over the weekend.

Michal virtually mothered the ‘back of the magazine’, where we cover the arts, culture and lifestyle of Hawke’s Bay — conceiving content, shepherding our writers and columnists, and writing herself with an obvious love and knowledge of that ‘space’ in the Bay.

She did this with abundant grace, wit, style and taste. And passion! Everyone on the BayBuzz team hugely respected those qualities.

I certainly did.

On the occasions we differed, I knew I best be prepared to lose the day! Michal was formidable. She brought to BayBuzz something I and none of the rest of us had — the experience of actually running magazines! Indeed decades of that experience with editorial roles in UK, Australia and NZ titles like Vogue, Women’s Weekly, Good Housekeeping and Fairfax magazines (including House & Garden, Cuisine). The accomplished professional amongst us amateurs.

Moreover, her publishing background was informed by equally impressive hands-on roles in fashion, design, beauty products, event and exhibition management.

BayBuzz barely appreciated what Michal was so generous to offer. Our team will miss a valued colleague.

But much more so, I and the others will miss a spirited, caring friend.


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  1. I can understand this because she was very reluctant to talk about her exceptional work history, she was so focused on the present and immediate future – that and modesty perhaps. She will be missed dearly by all her friends, colleagues and certainly by me

  2. NZ and Hawke’s Bay in particular has lost more than a little of it’s polish with Michal McKay’s passing. We were so fortunate to have her and expect those of you lucky enough to work with her will have her example to look to forever. Sincere condolences to all and gratitude for her life and the generous way she shared it via many media over decades.

  3. Michal our dear friend will be greatly missed by us all. We will always remember her beautiful smile, her love and passion for our arts community and our place. Her views on national and international politics will always stay with us – always wanting what was best for people. Her work ethic, strength and determined spirit to do what was right was relentless. She was and will always be an inspiration to us all. Michal we are blessed to have had you in our lives. Nga mihi nui – your light will continue to shine everyday in our hearts. Rest in Peace knowing we love you!

  4. Most of us possibly would not have known the depth of Michal’s career and yet we feel privileged to have had her enjoy final years in Hawke’s Bay. A beautiful person in and out, with immense style and charisma and quiet glamorous determination, with her beloved Mimi never far from her side; her regular visits to Birdwoods always preceded with ‘Darling…. how are you?’ She really meant it too. We mean it when we say we will miss her greatly and life is a little less without Michal in it. She was much loved xx

  5. Michal was so very special to me, she was so gracious with a very kind heart who I will miss so dearly,you will always be close to my heart Michal.
    Much Love Mandy

  6. Michal was such a force of positivity, energy and vitality. She gave so much of herself to every project she was involved with… as she did to the people around her. Being in her orbit was having a light shine on you. I will always be grateful for kindness and generosity.

  7. Yes a very classy, beautiful, woman who I followed most of my adult life. Seeing her in fashion and house and garden magazines over many years always added a touch of excitement and admiration to my life. I last saw her at a function at Toitoi last year and went up to her and told her how much I had admired her over many years. Rest in Peace beautiful, classy Michal. Moe Mai ra e Te Mareikura, haere atu ra.

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