Via the Economist, the latest Worldwide Cost of Living report has been published. The report twice-yearly compares more than 400 individual prices across over 200 products and services in 173 cities.

So we all know the familiar Top 5 most expensive – Tel Aviv, Paris, Singapore, Zurich, Hong Kong. Auckland clocks in at #27 and has the honour of making the ‘Biggest mover’ list with a jump up of 11 places since the previous rankings.

What is more intriguing is the list of Bottom 10, as listed here.

These places might be cheap to live in, but unfortunately lives are significantly more dangerous … and probably shorter!

The odd duck here is Buenos Aires, happily a direct flight on Air New Zealand (but no time soon!) and by all accounts a jewel of a city. And they play rugby.

No seats on offer for the next 350 days, but get on the waiting list … demand is sure to pop.

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  1. I’ve holidayed in Buenos Aires and can vouch I’d live there, not least for the architecture, the cuisine, the art & culture and because the locals don’t take life too seriously.

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