Dr Steph Rotarangi has resigned as chief executive of the Napier City Council, effective in three months.

Her first day as NCC’s chief was 9 February 2021, so that’s barely 18 months to date. Napier has not had good luck with CEOs in recent times! Nor with other senior managers lately, given a spate of turnovers.

Fire in the hole!

Rotarangi will be returning to her roots in fire and emergency, having recently accepted a role as Deputy Chief Executive at Fire and Emergency NZ. 

Rotarangi was a clear step up for NCC in style and integrity, but inexperienced in the NZ local government milieu.

Mayor Kirsten Wise says, “We are all very sad to see Steph go however are thankful for her leadership in her time with us and respect her desire to return to the sector she served in for many years”. 

Next up … another Acting Chief Executive.

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  1. Wishing you well in your new role Dr Steph Rotarangi
    quoted above ” , but inexperienced in the NZ local government milieu”
    I think that says it all!!
    May your style and integrity blossom in your new role without your wings being clipped.

  2. Don’t blame the Mayor or sick culture within Napier City Council. The facts will eventually surface. The CEO should have been bonded to stay for a defined term. Fire and Emergency NZ should be ashamed for pouching Australian talent. I watch the political arena with interest as the election draws closer.
    As for the other Directors who have employment issues with NCC watch the space.

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