Help fill our Summer edition!
Help fill our Summer edition!

We’d like to focus you a moment on our January/February BayBuzz magazine, because we’ll need your ideas quickly to pull it off.

Our kick-off edition for 2024 will be all about celebrating the best of Hawke’s Bay.

Hopefully we’ll provide a tonic to help overcome the lingering remnants of burnout.

We will be looking to feature the excellence achieved by Hawke’s Bay individuals and companies, often in unnoticed but remarkable niches. Indeed, sometimes what they do is entirely under the radar here in Hawke’s Bay, but recognised abroad as world-class. We’ve begun building our list of achievers, but we need your help to identify the silent stars hiding in our midst. No niche is too small or quirky. If they – individual or company – are the best at what they do, we want to hear about them.

Send your ‘nominee’ information to We’ll take it from there. But we need to hear from you by December 1!

Also, not a week goes by where a Hawke’s Bay company or individual isn’t recognised officially by their peers or competitors or industry as a winner – “the Gold Medal goes to …” Many of these get identified to BayBuzz via the usual media release process. But again, many go unnoticed.

Imagine what a year’s worth of Hawke’s Bay’s winners might look like!

So, we want your help in this regard too. If you have been so recognised in 2023, or your grandkid or business or project has, again let us know by December 1. Same address: editors@

We’re looking to prepare a truly celebratory edition of BayBuzz in January. Full of people and accomplishments that will surprise, inspire and delight you as you kick back, turn the page and look forward to a better year ahead. Please help us cast as wide a net as possible … we’d hate to overlook any of Hawke’s Bay’s best!


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