Good to see Originair adding to the transit options to and from Hawke’s Bay.

As of September 17 the newest airline serving HB will be offering direct flights from HB Airport to Nelson, Palmerston North and Hamilton.

The turboprop aircraft are 18 seaters and fitted out with leather seats, so you’ll travel in style.

How many of us want to go to these destinations?

Commenting on the new service, HB Airport chief executive Stuart Ainslie revealed: 

 “There were more than 14,000 air ticket sales between Hawke’s Bay and the three destinatiions in 2019 , representing a group of flyers that now have the option of getting to their destination in a fraction of the time and for less cost.” 

Originair is Nelson-based and Kiwi-owned by Robert Inglis and Nicki Smith. They’ve been in the regional airline business some 30+ years, starting with Air Nelson in 1979.

You can begin your flight planning here.

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  1. Wonderful news. HB is out on a limb from most air routes. Hope this regional air service is well patronised and that they’ll expand to include Tauranga.

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