As you probably know, Charter Hall’s property next to Nelson Park is for sale. Here’s the Bayley’s online advert … “Income & Potential” as they say. BayBuzz gets a commission if you respond via this promotional mention, so get out your chequebook!

Is that the sound of dominos falling I hear?

Perhaps there’s an opportunity here. Maybe the Hastings Council can take the $3 million they’ve promised to spend on Hastings urban parks and just buy back Nelson Park! Who knows, Charter Hall, the Council’s erstwhile “large format” developer, might jump at the offer if they’re desperate enough for the cash.

Speaking of big box (weren’t we?), perhaps the Hastings Council isn’t thinking outside the big box on this one.

Thanks to Murray Douglas at the HB Chamber of Commerce, here’s a very short video (watch all 41 seconds to appreciate its full brilliance) illustrating one very creative option Hastings Council ought to consider as part of its CBD revitalisation strategy.

Notice how well, in our example, local merchants have integrated their businesses with the railroad line passing through the city centre. I’m told that these merchants are only a few hundred meters away from the previous stop, a 10,000 sq meter Home HQ … and they appear to be thriving.

Definitely lessons here for Hastings City Marketing.

Tom Belford

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