Various organisations around the Bay are beginning to publish their policies regarding events, access and proof of Covid vaccination.

We’re assuming most shopping, hospo and event venues will be requiring Vaccine Pass or card, and the groundrules are very clearly explained here.

BayBuzz will try to make it easier for you to find the info you need for HB venues by collecting as much as we can here in this location. As we hear more, we’ll add it right here. Just bookmark this post … we’ll update it regularly.

The information for some entities, like our councils, is quite voluminous and nuanced, given the range of facilities they are responsible for. So we’re not repeating all that info here, but rather providing the links you need to go right to ‘the horse’s mouth’!

And if your business has a Covid vaccination requirement for patrons, visitors, customer-facing employees, etc, let us know and we’ll publish the relevant link.

Council Facilities

Hastings District Council:

HDC Venues:

Napier City Council:


Wairoa District Council:


Keirunga Creative Arts:




Napier Port:

HB Business Hub:

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  1. The CDC acknowledges that the most vulnerable (the elderly with comorbities) are at less than 1% risk of dying from Covid. International medical experts assert that high Vit D levels and good nutrition/exercise are Covid 19 preventatives. They likewise indicate several effective non-hospital treatments for the 20 to 30% of the total population liable to contract and then display Covid symptoms. Reports from the UK, Israel and even our Ministry of Health assert that the vaccinated are now more likely to spread Covid than the unvaccinated….remind me why we’re doing all this. Just eat healthily, get a good tan, do meaningful things that help you to socialise and help others. In our directed Covid anxiety, we’ve lost sight of what constitutes science-based decision making. To be robust science must involve public debate, transparency and not be tainted with monetary or status gain for the scientists. I’m not seeing science in this Government’s pronouncements and fines around it being “the single source of truth on Covid.” I’m observing pharmaceutical company pressure to tow the vaccination line throughout the entire medical industry. Again, what are the real risks of hospitalisations and deaths? Surely we can minimise those minor risks by isolating the vulnerable elderly, providing education and early treatment to symptomatic people instead of removing our core freedoms of movement, assembly, job security, speech and uncoerced medical treament.

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