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  1. If HDC says 'no' to the plan change, Mr Lowe will simply take the whole sorry affair to the Environment Court.

    The Environment Court is not there to keep beaches pristine, unfortunately – consider the Whangamata Marina debacle, and that was right on the waterfront. We're talking about private land beside the beach which has been private for decades.

    Chris Carter tried to step in with the admirable but *technically* unjustified "no", and the developer just moved on to the High Court, where they got their way.

    What's a few million dollars in legal fees to Lowe, compared to the enormous profits he stands to make? This is a poker game, and ratepayers already have more than $400,000 on the table. How long do we keep seeing Lowe as he raises the stakes?

    I still oppose the development too, but it's not as simple as "keep it simple – say no".

  2. I believe the proposed development of the North End of Ocean Beach needs to capitalise on this unique situation and develop a benchmark village of sustainability.

    This is a prime opportunity for Andy Lowe to develop a showcase liveable neighbourhood development whilst in harmony with the current landforms.

    I have grown up surfing Ocean Beach and the lack of onsite accommodation needs to be addressed . Ocean Beach is the closest quality beach to Havelock North and sufficient amenities need be provided especially with the local tribe fall out at the South end.

    Many of those who have jumped on the anti-development brigade mention how beautiful the area is, there is no denying this however there is a severe lack of access there aside from wrecking your car on the beach. Of the 8000 or so petition signers I wonder how many have ventured down to the North End in the last year.

    Andy, it is your chance to develop an A grade coastal village modelled on liveable neighbourhood principals and be remembered for all the right reasons. Don't be remembered as the developer who took the money and ran.

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