Ocean Spa getting fix-up

For the next eight weeks Napier’s Ocean Spa will be closed for maintenance, as the city council takes over the management and operation of the facility, which includes the pool, the gym and the on-site café.

The council has always owned the spa, but until now it has been operated by a third party. This is all set to change from Wednesday when the council takes over.  

Necessary repair work will then be followed by some major remodelling. Thunes Cloete, Executive Director of Community Services, says it’s important the public understands that critical maintenance needs to happen at the pool complex ahead of any aesthetic upgrades. 

The council will be going right through the facility to upgrade all the IT systems so they will be integrated with the city council’s general systems. The council will also be doing some work to assess what might be required for the changing rooms due to being an area of high use.

“What’s going to happen when the doors are closed is essential remedial maintenance and upgrades. Much of the work will take place in areas the public won’t see but it will be very important for reliability and safety reasons.” 

“It’s important to us, as the new caretakers of this wonderful and much loved destination, that we provide a clean, safe, and modern facility everyone can enjoy. To do this safely, all facilities will need to be closed for a short period of time. We’ll get each area open again as soon as we can.” 

Ocean Club Gym will be closed from 1 – 8 February 2023 

The Bach Cafē will be closed from 1 – 27 February 2023 

Ocean Spa Pools will be closed for at least eight weeks 

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  1. if they could provide lockers that can be padlocked whilst using the facilities, I’d go back again…those open lockers they’ve had where anyone can grab your belongings was just useless !!!

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