New 6 Wharf, Napier Port

When was the last time you heard those words regarding any building or construction project?

Let alone a major public infrastructure project!

Yet, defying the ‘new norm’, Napier Port has pulled it off … completing its new 6 Wharf a tad earlier than planned and within its projected budget range.

In terms of project completion, the wharf was scheduled to be ready to receive its first ship in late 2022, so July 22nd’s official ‘open’ date is ahead of schedule. This is despite construction works being halted twice due to Covid-19 Alert Level 4 – about five weeks in FY20 and about two weeks in FY21​. The work officially began in February 2020.

As for cost, as originally detailed in the Product Disclosure Statement for Napier Port’s initial public offer, the project was estimated to cost $173-190 million, excluding capitalised interest and overheads. The final cost will range between $173-$179 million, within budget.

Says Port CEO Todd Dawson to BayBuzz: “We’re delighted with the progress made on 6 Wharf. This has been achieved through tight discipline right from the start. The decision to invest in a 350-metre wharf for Hawke’s Bay and to fund that through the IPO was based on a sound business case.

“This approach has continued into operational discipline which is what gave us resilience to stay on track and on budget, despite two periods of lockdown during construction to date.  The partnerships we have developed with our key contractors, HEB and others, has also delivered on the ground efficiencies.”

Apart from the Port team, who deserves the credit for this pleasant achievement?

The main contractors for the project have been:

  • HEB Construction – 6 Wharf Project Contractor
  • Heron Construction and Dredging – Sub-contractor for the dredging campaign
  • Beca – Wharf Design Contractor
  • Cavotec – Manufacturers of the MoorMaster vacuum mooring system, and responsible for dry and wet commissioning of the system

Other sub-contractors:

  • Higgins – Pavement and Backlands Work
  • Eastbridge – Steel Fabrication
  • Steel & Tube – Reinforcing supply and fixing
  • Wagstaff – CSM (Cutter Soil Mixing) Ground Improvement
  • Kinetic Electrical – Electrical Work
  • Bridgeman Concrete – Concrete Supply

Well done to the lot of you!

Photo by John Cowpland / alphapix

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