Submissions have closed for the Hastings Council’s consideration of its proposed regional sports park.

Opponents of the park include groups like Grey Power, BayWatch, HB Horticultural Land Protection Society, Sustaining Hawke’s Bay Trust and, of course, BayBuzz. Individual opponents include public figures like former Councillor Dinah Williams and mayoral candidate Simon Nixon, as well as private citizens with strong roots in the community, like Mark Sweet and Shaun Lines.

You can read their submissions right here on BayBuzz.

None of these opponents question the health and social benefits that more sports participation and fitness can bring.

However, we strongly challenge whether the proposed sports complex is the best means to that end.

Many of us are converging around an alternative — call it Plan B — that would build greater sport and fitness participation by upgrading and expanding local community sport facilities, delivering programs through local sites of all kinds, and strengthening and financially supporting both the professional and volunteer capacity to design and manage attractive sports programs. This is the direction other region’s are moving in.

I urge you to browse through the submissions, attend the public hearings on June 16-17, and let Councillors know how you feel. There’s still time for you to make a difference. While formal submissions are closed, Councillors always have an open door to their constituents!

Or just go here to send our latest email message to Mayor Yule and Councillor Bradshaw.


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