As BayBuzz readers know, we are eagerly awaiting a commissioners’ ruling on Hastings Council’s proposed RSP plan change … a change required to legitimise construction of the regional sports park. (Don’t you hate small details?!)

It’s loooong overdue. Which of course fuels all sorts of rumour-mongering speculation.

Last week, the rampant rumour, fed by a staff prediction at the August 5th HDC Community Services Committee meeting, was that the ruling would come down by week’s end (that is, by the 15th).

BayBuzz waited patiently, mouse at fingertips, to report the verdict. But no disclosure by COB Friday.

But strangely, come Monday (yesterday), there seemed to be a hum in the air. Dare we say a buzz? Now the rumour is that a ruling is indeed in hand. But only one source equals just a rumour … it takes two confirming sources to graduate from rumour to reality.

I’m hoping Councillor Anne Wilson might clarify and confirm matters on Tuesday morning. If anyone should have the facts, Councillor Wilson should. After all, she has taken responsibility for ensuring that the public is kept up to date (I assume that means in a timely fashion) on all important matters related to the sports park.

And by anybody’s definition, an “important matter” would surely include a ruling from the hearings commissioners that blocked in whole or part the conversion of Heretaunga Plains into netball courts, or maybe even precluded a grandstand.

Councillor Wilson, your public is waiting. The Ramblers Cycling Club is quaking. Quash these scurrilous rumours.


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