It is with great regret that I write about Rex Graham’s decision to step down as a regional councillor and as the Council’s chairman.

But health is the reason, and he’s made the only choice he could have given his commitment to his family and the need to tend to himself.

In his words: “It’s been a great journey and I have few regrets, but circumstances change, and I must now focus on my health and spend time with my family.”

I had the privilege of serving with Rex on the Regional Councillor for his first two terms.

No one could be a stronger, more invigorating and more enjoyable comrade in arms.

And no one could bring more zest to the role – or a more appropriate skill set and personality – than Rex.

From watching him first hand, I can’t say I ever saw Rex not respond to a call voicing a grievance or seeking assistance, a request to meet or visit anywhere in the far reaches of the Council’s domain. He’s represented us all.

A warrior when the occasion required, but far more often conciliatory and eager to find paths forward for all parties involved. A politician through and through in the best and most honourable sense of the term.

Realising what his personal priority now needs to be, I still selfishly hope he’ll keep an eye on the council and rattle its cage from time to time in the days to come.

Rex’s announcement statement is here and I urge you to read it. It recounts an array of accomplishments that he – and the region – can be duly proud of.

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  1. Kia kaha, e toa tuturu. You have more than given it your all, now take care of yourself and your whanau. Blessings and best wishes. Jeremy

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