OK, not a Hawke’s Bay story, but still of interest because we can’t imagine that anyone reading BayBuzz doesn’t use a smartphone.

Indeed our stats indicate that 58% of you are reading this article right now on a smartphone (half of you using an iPhone, the rest on an assortment of Brand X’s, mostly Samsung, sorry for that display of bias).

Here from Gallup Poll is some interesting insight into smartphone use amongst Americans, who can’t stand to be a moment ‘out of the know’.

[In fact our first phone call on arriving in our new rural NZ home in 2005 was to the phone company asking for more lines plus broadband. I think you can guess how far that got! That shock indirectly caused the birth of BayBuzz a year later, but now I seriously digress.]

Compare your attachment and use of your smartphone to the American experience.

Addicted to your smartphone. Try these withdrawal tips.


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