Thrilled with the success of the past weekend’s Kelt Capital Spring Carnival, Sam Kelt graciously sent a “thank you” note to the ratepayers of Hastings District, which BayBuzz is happy to publish in case you didn’t receive yours.

From the Desk of Sam Kelt

Dear Hastings Ratepayers:

Just a note to thank you for your outstanding generosity in “donating” $50,000 to this year’s Kelt festivities. I hope you realize that our racing weekend could not possibly have succeeded without your help.

I realize that a few short-sighted ingrates skeptics amongst you have questioned the need for this support. So let me give you just a few examples of what your contribution made possible:

  • 20 cases of sun screen to protect out-of-towners from that strong Hawke’s Bay sun
  • 50 chilly bins to keep the champagne cold
  • 1000 free drink passes to our special VIP guests
  • 25000 canape toothpicks
  • 25000 monogrammed swizzle sticks to ensure our gin & tonics were stirred just right
  • 12000 Kelt Carnival party bags for our horse-racing fans
  • And, of course, full-page ads in Hawke’s Bay Today promoting my generosity.

It’s a shame most of you did not attend and see your contribution working so hard to make the weekend a success … but hopefully you saw the ads.

I also want to give a special thanks to Mayor Lawrence Yule for so passionately championing this payment contribution from the Hastings District Council on behalf of you, the ratepayer, despite the protests of you, the ratepayer.

We all have to admit that average squealing ratepayers don’t often “get” the big picture. That’s why Hastings needs this brand of mayoral leadership in the saddle. Indeed, more than ever since the Hastings “partnership” payment contribution might be even more costly next year … inflation in the horse racing party biz is galloping out of control.

Thanks again, and hope to see you at next year’s carnival. Until then, save your gold coins. The price of ponies is going up!

Yours gratefully,

Sam Kelt

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