BayBuzz has strongly supported the Environment Centre on our pages, most recently in this article by Katie Nimon describing all the terrific work they do.

Work that directly supports us all as consumers … as guilty creators of waste.

Now they need the community’s support – money – more than ever, because they need to re-locate, pay a new lease and expand the programmes that serve us so well.

Here’s where the Centre makes it own case, describing its needs and plans. And makes it easy for you to donate.

Individuals have begun to come forward and that’s great.

But the Centre will need more than ‘mom and pop’ donations. Some heavy hitters, including some sustainability-focused companies, will need to come forward, as environmentalist Marilyn Scott wrote in this open letter.

Our Environment Centre – a vital service but a poor relation!

I was quite shocked to learn recently that the Environment Centre in Hastings is having to move yet again and is having to ask the public for financial support (a bit like the analogy of schools having to hold cake stalls to keep afloat!). 

So I revisited their website to see how much financial support they actually receive from our local councils and businesses. The answer is sadly, very little! The only funders mentioned on their website are Hastings District Council (credit to them!) and the Ministry for the Environment (who give some financial support to all such centres around the country.) But no other local councils or businesses are listed. 

Thank you to the Board, staff and volunteers who keep our Environment Centre afloat. I know many of us regard the work the EC does as vital in our community and yet traditionally it has never been well supported or resourced. Consider all the sponsors and businesses who give so readily to other community fund-raisers and services and yet not a single business locally has got behind the Environment Centre. Why? 

When I think about all the e-waste that our Environment Centre processes and the recycling they facilitate – not to mention the educational workshops and information they have provided over the years – I can only conclude that it is not a priority for our community, which makes me feel both sad and dismayed. 

At a time when we are facing unprecedented environmental threats and challenges you would think that there would be more public outcry and concern (or as one person mentioned “this should be core business!”). When we reflect upon how much energy and publicity goes into protecting other assets, such as the showgrounds (to use one recent example), it is pretty shameful, in my view, that the Environment Centre is having to rely on the limited resources of individual community members to prop them up. 

How many of our local business have been happy to deposit their e-waste at the door of the EC for a paltry fee and yet where is the ongoing support for this Centre which has managed incredibly well on such limited resources? 

It would be great if there was some corporate sponsorship and local businesses who at the very least were willing to come forward and match the funds that the Hastings District Council and the Ministry for the Environment have invested. 

[Editor: It should be noted that Tremains had given the Centre greatly discounted rates for the current space, which is now being demolished and developed. Time for someone else to take their turn!]

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  1. Hurrah for TREMAINS,
    You’ve done it again.
    Quietly supporting the Community where it matters. Let’s hope some other business’s with a conscience step forward to help this organisation in their hour of need.

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