Napier City Council will cut parking spaces at Taradale library (pictured) from 38 to 19, in an attempt to curb soaring literacy levels in the suburb.

Last week the announcement made front page news (“Library to close for $1.4m upgrade”) in Hawke’s Bay Today, detailing the seven month closure, and the 700m2 to 1200m2 expansion.

…The library won’t go up a storey as planned, but out across the existing car park…in the application the council said reduced car parking would encourage non-vehicular modes of transport…

“Taradale’s reading epidemic needs to be addressed,” said Taradale ward councillor, Tania Wright. “Shutting the library for seven months is a good start, and should go some way to quell the fears of many that this has become an excessively articulate suburb.”

When library doors re-open early next year, it’s hoped reduced parking provisions will engender a “noticeable drop-off” in annual issues. “We’re confident people just won’t bother,” councillor Wright said.

“Patrons may decide to bike to the library, but it’s doubtful they’ll actually make the effort. And besides, cyclists will find it unmanageable to carry more than two or three novels, hence we’re confident that either way, fewer books will leave the library.”


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  1. Hi all

    Congratulations to the longest serving ( think it''s 21 years? with not so much as a committee chairmanship ' the under worked Cr "Harry '"Dolphin Lawson, for coming the closest he will ever hope to get, to being Mayor, after he volunteered to stand in for her Warship at the Clive Square ANZAC, Day Service.

    Good on you Harry -as usual, you did yourself proud.

    Happy dayys

    David Bosley

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