The biggest-selling car on the planet – over one million per year in recent years – is dead in New Zealand.

The petrol version, that is, as Toyota takes the line hybrid only.

As reported by Stuff, Toyota NZ general manager of sales Steve Prangnell says the decision to no longer offer a petrol-only engine in the standard Corolla range is driven by strong consumer preference for hybrid-electric powertrains and Toyota’s objective to reduce the carbon footprint of their new vehicle sales in New Zealand.

By the end of this year all Corollas sold new in NZ will be hybrids.

The king is dead. Long live the king!

Here at BayBuzz we’ve come to expect good news almost weekly on the auto front as manufacturer upon manufacturer announces its future ‘clean auto’ plans.

Isn’t it nice to see good news on global warming?!

What are automakers seeing as they look ahead? Well here are the relevant NZ targets.

The oil company/auto company blood pact has been split asunder, but not without the oil companies subjecting us hapless consumers to a devastating level of petrol prices … a defiant flick of the middle finger.

The oil companies have no choice but to squeeze the most remaining profit they possibly can from their huge sinking infrastructure investment in a product that will inevitably become less welcome than tobacco.

Whereas automakers are amongst the most astute marketers on the planet, with a product we will need until teleporting is real. Given the ‘share of pocket’ their products require of consumers, and the lead times required to change production and supply lines, they peer intently, coldly, and clearly into the future.

Why aren’t our elected officials as farsighted? Too little consequence for bad decisions. Think about it. What politicians have paid for water infrastructure neglect in HB? By the time we realise how badly we’ve been served, they’re long gone.


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  1. That applies even more to central government politicians.
    Jacinda will be in the UN and Mahuta in the Tainui Iwi business sector enjoying the benefits of their policies with no consequences. Just like John Key

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