Just a quick update on election returns for the Hastings constituency of the HB Regional Council.

As you might have heard, the preliminary votes announced Saturday afternoon by HBRC were as follows:

Rex Graham – 8520

Rick Barker – 7648

Kevin Rose – 6973

Tom Belford – 6957 (a 17 vote shortfall for the math impaired)

Murray Douglas – 6446

Those results would give the three HBRC seats in the constituency to Graham, Barker, Rose.

However, it turns out that about 700 votes were submitted in person on Saturday morning, and these won’t be counted till Monday. Plus there are another 300 or so special ballots (e.g., people who lost original ballots) that are also yet to be counted. Official final results might not come until Wednesday.

So, it would appear that Kevin Rose and I ‘twist in the wind’ a while longer! The outcome is still wide open.

“It ain’t over till the fat lady sings.”

Stay tuned.

Tom Belford

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  1. I’m sorry but it is dammed {not my choice of word} disappointing to have an old worn out way past it’s use by date person stand and get elected, surely it must be a case of the “Snout” in the Trough situation, how on Earth do we get new younger fresh people with fresh ideas to get into these positions and move the place forward into the modern era.
    Now I see why so many people just can’t be bothered with voting in these things.

  2. tom- this case shows the absolute importance of voting when it comes down to a dozen or so votes difference….good luck for the final result

  3. May the fat lady sing your tune…I can hear her humming!!!! Thanks for all your wonderful work: it is much appreciated.

  4. Tom, instead of being referred to as ” the pony-tailed yank”, I believe “Landslide” is far more appropriate.

  5. Well done Tom. I’ve supported you all the way, our household voted for you. Please do your best to kill the Ruataniwha Dam off. And get rid of the Hawkes Bay Regional Council Investment Company and its bunch of overpaid managers and directors.

  6. Hawke’s Bay is privileged to have you and your passionate analytical BayBuzz. There is nothing else like BayBuzz in NZ at local government level.

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