The May BayBuzz Digest focuses on the “Other Economy” — the 60% of the Hawke’s Bay economy that does not live off our precious land … and is not constrained by water supply and suitably productive soil, or threatened by climate change or contagious disease.

Four articles deal with this topic:

My piece, The Other Economy, talks about the Bay’s potential as an exporter of intellectual capital, as opposed to apples. It explores the need to attract and retain highly skilled, high value human capital, as well as the need for appropriate local government strategic support for the Other Economy.

In Looking Beyond the Bay, occasional BayBuzz columnist Brendan Webb writes about some of the vanguard companies leading Hawke’s Bay’s Other Economy — 3R, Furnware and Sirtrack — and what makes them prosper.

Sean Bevin of Economic Solutions offers his HB Economy Primer on the full range of industries and activities that constitute the Bay’s Other Economy.

And finally, another piece from me, HB’s “Bloated” Public Sector, describes the full extent of the Bay’s public sector, arguably our biggest employer!

We hear lots about wine, fruit and sheep. It’s time the Bay’s Other Economy got the spotlight. Maybe this is where the Bay’s future lies. These four articles will help you decide.

Tom Belford

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