Last week we reported on the Special Task Force assigned to identify issues sufficiently important to warrant convening a meeting of the Napier City Council (as opposed to just letting the Mayor do it). Sources inside the group have leaked to BayBuzz this draft “top 10” list of potential agenda items recently given to Mayor Arnott for preliminary review.

10. Determining the exact boundary between Meeanee and Clive.
9. Feasibility study on building a new hospital in Napier.
8. Feasibility study on building a nuclear particle accelerator in Napier.
7. Approval of legal brief attacking Andy Lowe’s HDC resource consent for docking cruise ships at the new Ocean Beach Marina.
6. Proposal to build a regional sports complex in Napier “that will knock Yule’s socks off”!
5. Proposal to change the name of Napier Airport to Simon Nixon Airport.
4. Consider complaint by owners of Opossum World over plans to build “that Armadillo memorial”.
3. New by-law forbidding anyone with a name like “Spongie” from serving as a Napier councillor.
2. Proposal to limit tagging in Napier to the hours of 6-8am on Sundays.
1. Approve consultant’s selection of new ergonomic chairs for councillors in Council Chambers.

Mayor Arnott has stipulated she will require at least three “significant” issues being tabled before she will consider scheduling a Council meeting. We don’t see a meeting coming out of this list.


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