The Hastings and Napier transfer stations opened this week (rubbish and green waste only), just in the nick of time for the Belford rural household. Things were beginning to get smelly around the campsite!

I’ve always boasted to my American friends that we have the most picturesque road to the dump in the world — referring to Tukituki Road from the Red Bridge to the Black Bridge.

And I was never happier to drive it than today, with all windows down,

Special rules are in place, so one must make a reservation via your council’s website in advance to get in, only one person in the vehicle, no cash payments, and still no recycling … the bottles, cans, plastic and paper are still piling up at our place.

I expected a traffic jam trying to book an appointment, but the process was easy with plenty of time slots available. At my 11 a.m. appointment I was greeted by a friendly ‘concierge’ at the driveway, who confirmed I was legitimately booked in case future tracing was required.

You can book at any of the three locations here.

More details here, including the open hours for Henderson Road, Blackbridge (Mill Road) and Redclyffe (Springfield Road) transfer stations.

Ah, the simple pleasures!

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