Like Caesar invading Gaul, last Friday citizen David Renouf came into the Hastings Council budget session … they saw his case … and he conquered.

After a few years of persistent lobbying, this time David convinced Council that the Hastings CBD was dangerous to pedestrians. Insufficient marked crossings, unclear or obscured markings in other locations, and inadequate time allotted for pedestrians to completely and safely cross streets at intersections with traffic signals.

David, as usual, had done his homework and came armed with photos and diagrams illustrating his case.

The Council’s response was to pass a resolution on the spot calling for a prompt investigation of pedestrian safety throughout the CBD, with a promise of speedy improvements. Not one of some 57 other submitters on the coming year’s Annual Plan won this kind of instant action. Not even Sam Kelt, pitching for $50,000 for his horse race.

Bottomline … pedestrians — the kind who buy stuff from CBD retailers — will move more safely around the Hastings CBD because one model citizen took the trouble to get involved, do his homework, persist, and work the process and the Councillors.

Well done David!


P.S. HBRC Councillors … he’s right about water too!

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  1. Kia ora David. Of course I have come to have great respect for this mans work. His attendance at meetings where he hears the most incredible dribble being talked, where problems are ignored; or worse denied. In particular the huge amount of research material, expertise and knowledge he has built up. In fact no one knows more about 'shit' [from many sources] as does David. When the Napier city Council applies to have a 'so-called' sewage treatment [and I use the word treatment only cos its what they call it] similar to the Hastings 'joke' I hope I can call upon him to assist me thru the process.

    ps What happened to the HDC sewage worker who could not swim when he fell into the outfall discharge? Ans. He might not have been able to swim but he went thru the 'motions'.

    kia kaha e hoa

    Dave Head

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