BayBuzz is showing that citizens can make a difference.

But with your help we can do even more!

Can you …

  • Do issue research?
  • Offer expertise on specific issues?
  • Write persuasively? Entertainingly?
  • Dig into numbers (like Councils’ budgets)?
  • Create (cartoons, flyers, web pages, ads)?
  • Organize (BayBuzz supporter database, promotions, events)?
  • Do legal work (submissions, official information requests, interpret laws/regs)?

If you answered YES to any of these talents, maybe there’s a career for you at BayBuzz! You won’t earn any money … but you’ll definitely help rattle the cages at our local and regional councils … and have fun too!

Check out our Volunteer page. And send us an email telling us how you might be able to help out:

Many thanks,

Tom & Mark

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