I know it’s a long time till parliamentary elections, but with the tax cut war already underway, it seems only fair that we start to ask some questions about the other side of the coin … spending priorities.

And to keep the issues close to home, we’ll just focus on the local “wish lists” of our area Councils. Local MPs have had ample occasion to think about these items.

So, re-election candidates Foss, Barker, Tremain and Fairbrother, when our various local Councils and Boards come to central government with their Christmas lists, which of the following would you be most inclined to help fund?

  • Rebuilding of Hawke’s Bay Regional Hospital
  • Regional sports park
  • Napier Museum and Art Gallery
  • Northern arterial road
  • More regional bus service
  • Napier Airport runway extension
  • Ocean Beach National Park

Please rank them from highest to lowest in priority. Of course, feel free to “refuse” funding to any of these projects. You can even say: “None of the above.”

And, to show you how open-minded BayBuzz is, feel free — after commenting on these — to insert any other special project or program you would like to help finance in the region.

Who says dollars can’t buy votes?!


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