As we all see, Cyclone Gabrielle has devastated the East Coast and other parts of this beautiful country, leaving a catastrophic trail of death and destruction in its wake. 

Thoughts and prayers are with those who have died and sincere condolences are sent to those who have lost family members or friends, homes and possessions, livelihoods, livestock, horses and beloved pets.

The March Wings and Wildlife newsletter was prepared before Gabrielle struck and so I have provided it for download here.

But to locals in survival mode, it is irrelevant. 

I hope the information below may be of immediate help, particularly for those dealing with pets and farm animals:  

  • The update from HUHANZ (Helping You Help Animals) which, in collaboration with the SPCA set up a temporary animal welfare centre at the Hastings Racecourse is to thank everyone for their amazing support and mention that they need veterinary supplies such as worm and flea treatments and mud rash treatments for horses suffering from mud fever.
  • The update from the SPCA is that it needs feed for farm animals. Anyone in a position to donate pig pellets, horse feed or any hay is encouraged to drop donations off at the SPCA Hastings Centre, 8 Heathcote Road, and they’ll make sure these get promptly to the animals most in need. Area Manager Bruce Wills said that the cooperation between the various groups had been outstanding.
  • The update from the Napier RDA at 61 Sandy Road, Meeanee, which is acting as a community hub to collect and distribute equestrian feed and other donations is that they need donations of dry Working Dog food to get delivered to cut-off rural communities. If you need help or on-going support with animals, please contact them at (06) 8340556 or email: 
  • The update from the Waipukurau Jockey Club which is acting as MPI’s feed distribution centre for CHB and a community hub is that donations of animal feed are still very much appreciated. 

Remember, if you donate money to a registered charity, you get a one-third rebate from IRD.

A huge number of pet food companies and feed suppliers are providing extremely generous support for animals in need and volunteers are getting it to where it is needed. Massive thanks to all concerned. 

If you want to join the amazing volunteer effort, or get help from others you can contact (to name but four of many well set up volunteering groups/helping hands networks): 

For broader recovery information, BayBuzz has been providing ‘Official Information’ updates and press releases from reliable sources, as well as original reporting.

It has been both heart-warming and humbling to see the totally remarkable volunteer response and witness an unsurpassed generosity of spirit from those who want to help and support distressed friends and strangers alike as they face what is, unquestionably, the worst time of their lives. 

The photo at top from HUHANZ’s Facebook page sums up the nationwide aroha very well. 

Stay safe and regards, 


P.S. If relevant, for March Wings and Wildlife newsletter, click here.


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  1. Great reading and very informative, especially when your not sure who to ask?

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