BayBuzz is happy to endorse Wings and Wildlife, a Hawke’s Bay community newsletter celebrating our wildlife, birds and conservation areas.

The newsletter is written by Jessica Maxwell, who somehow manages to keep track of how our various species are coping, plus the history and achievements of local conservation projects, and kudos to those in the community making these efforts currently.

She also seems to have a small army of skilful photographers to ensure that each edition is impressively illustrated.

The photo at top by Napier’s Kirsteen Redwood illustrates an item in the latest edition on the saddleback, once down to a single colony, but now recovering, including a population at Cape Sanctuary.

And the photo below illustrates a great article about conservationist Roger Alexander’s magnificent property, Bridgewater, with Lake Puketapu, outside Puketapu village. As Jessica writes: “The 250 hectare property now boasts a wildlife lake which must surely rate as one of the most picturesque private lakes and efficient wetlands in the province.” 

Hats off to Wings and Wildlife!

The newsletter is delivered by email as a downloadable PDF. We urge you to get on the mailing list by emailing Jessica at: 

And here’s the current August edition.

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