Just a quick post to congratulate all the provisional winners in local elections.

Hastings — Yule, Turner, Heaps, Burnside, Bowers, Twigg, Watkins, Speers, Lester, Wilson, Poulain, O’Keefe, Bradshaw, Kimber.

BayBuzz has a statement from the very serious mayoral challenger, Simon Nixon: “I hope the fact 45% of voters supported either Peter (Nee Harland) or myself
will convey a message that many are not happy with the direction the
council is heading on many issues … I
stood because it is bad for society not to question the actions of our
leaders … My congratulations to Lawrence, Wayne (Bradshaw) and the other new councillors.”

Napier — Arnott, Furlong, Cocking, Jeffery, White, Dalton, Lawson, Herbert, Price, Pipe, Boag, Wright, Lutter.

BayBuzz has a brief statement from Mayor Arnott: “It’s great that the positive Barbara won over the anti-Barbara Barbara. I regard the measure of support from the community is a vote for positivity, and I thank Napier voters for their confidence in my leadership.” 

HBRC — Kirton, Dick, Scott, Von Dadelszen, Rose, McGregor, Remmerswaal, McIntyre, Gilbertson.

It takes courage to stand before one’s community. They did. They won. They should relish the moment.

By month’s end, all will be sworn in and ready to roll.

BayBuzz will be there!

Special congratulations to the winning voices for change … Burnside, Wilson, O’Keefe, Kimber, and Bradshaw in Hastings. Boag in Napier. Remmerswaal and Gilbertson on HBRC.

Liz & Tim and Maxine will be pretty lonely, but at least they’re on the inside. Mayor Yule, on the other hand, will have a lively new crew to contend with!

BayBuzz can’t wait for the new terms to begin.

More on the election next week.

Tom & Mark

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