Just ‘dirt’ to some, but entirely fitting that there should be a ‘World Soil Day’.

It’s our most precious natural resource … given that its loss cannot be replaced by those who destroy or mis-use it.

So December 5 is the big day.

One way you can celebrate is to participate in this online Soil Carbon Solution event hosted by the US-based Rodale Institute. Its focus: What is the role of regenerative organic agriculture in battling the climate crisis?  How can farmers, scientists, brands and policymakers come together to move the needle toward a brighter future?

The webinar is Dec 5 @ 2-3:30 pm Eastern time, so that’s Sunday 8 am for NZ viewers.

The Rodale Institute has been a seminal voice for organic and regenerative farming for some 70 years.

At the root (did we say that?!) of this presentation will be the Institute’s latest white paper: Regenerative Organic Agriculture and The Soil Carbon Solution. A strong case for the practices that can carry us into a positive farming future.

If you can’t join the webinar live, it will be archived a few days later on the Rodale website.


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