In this Guest Buzzmaker column, Mayor Lawrence Yule offers his “take” on how a National-led Government will address policy issues and processes that affect us here in the Bay.

As he sees it, National’s emphasis on improving infrastructure — appointing a new Minster of Infrastructure, committing additional funds, and expediting decision-making on such projects — might have the biggest local impact on a nation-wide basis, including here in the Bay. Says Yule:

“While most people worry about the economy, health and education, the daily functioning of our society revolves around a first class level of infrastructure … For too long we have stumbled along without any clear national framework. Councils are expected to complete and have audited, long term asset management plans for infrastructure. We do this, yet our Central Government spending does not operate under the same rules.”

He comments also on changes related to our regional airport, the District health Board, the RMA, water management, and the Emissions Trading Scheme.

You can read his column here.

I’m still digesting Saturday’s outcome, and will offer my thoughts tomorrow.


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