Mary-Anne Baker, the Meryl Streep of the Regional Council’s planners, has created a terrific video presenting the TANK Plan, now out for public consultation.

The TANK Plan is all about water. If you live in the Hastings District or Napier and if you drink water, swim in it, collect kai from it, irrigate with it, flush it, walk beside it, process with it, fish in it … however you use, value or enjoy it, then this Plan affects you.

It’s very comprehensive … and very complicated. But Mary-Anne is a principal architect of the Plan, knows it inside out, and has managed to present it in 12 minutes so that even I can understand it.

I urge you to watch this presentation and then submit your views to the Regional Council by July 3rd.

Need more information? There’s heaps more here; you can dive as deep as you wish.

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