Iona College: Empowering Girls’ for life

Want to support a really good cause? Come along to a variety concert at the beautiful Blyth Theatre at Iona College on Tuesday 17th August, to help raise funds to support young Kenyan women to get an education. Here's what the organisers, 4 young students at Iona, have to say about the concert and the […]

Enjoy an evening of Smooth Salty Jazz with Will Sargisson

Blyth Performing Arts Centre Iona Road, Havelock North, Hastings

IOGA are pleased to have the opportunity to host the WilSargisson Quartet Accompanied by Margot Pierard, (vocalist) Caleb Robinson (bass) and Tom Pierard (drums) The show will feature a selection of jazz, blues and soul covers from the likes of Nina Simone, Etta James, and Donny Hathaway Ticket price $45.00pp Friday 9 July 2021 […]